Atlas Thrive

THC Transdermal Patch


Atlas Thrive THC Transdermal Patch offers a unique and discrete way to receive a steady release of medical cannabis. The combination of Atlas Growers’ high-quality cannabis oil extract and Atlas Thrive’s Evolve Transdermal Patches brings both unmatched cannabinoid permeability and state-of-the-art encapsulated delivery to consumers.

The typical onset time for Atlas Thrive Transdermal Patches is less than 30 minutes, and delivery continues over 72 hours. Engineered for use in everyday life, this hybrid cultivar patch offers a controlled 72-hour release micro-dose of cannabinoids at 0.28mg per hour, with a 30-minute window for effects to subside when removed. This patch provides an excellent smoke-free alternative and straightforward, durable use with peel-and-adhere technology that can be worn under clothes and in the shower.

Total THC:  39.9 mg/g
Total CBD:  0 mg/g